Samstag, 14. August 2010

My first Clojure Web Application

I’m a fan of LISP, so I'm known a fan of Clojure, because Clojure brings LISP features to the Java platform. I don’t know if Clojure is good programming language for production use or for my daily work, but it makes a lot of fun to develop in Clojure, just try it. My first step was to write in clojure a simple hello world web application.

I choose leinigen as build and dependency management tool and the clojure web framework Compojure to develop a super simple hello world web application.

Here are the steps how I create my first hello world web application in clojure in 3 minutes:

1.) Download Leiningen
Download the lein bash script from:

2.) Install Leiningen
Invoke the bash script with the follow command:

lein self-install

3.) Create a New Clojure Project
Creating a new project with leinigen, therefore invoke the follow command:

lein new helloworld-webapp

4.) Add Compojure Dependency
Add the compojure dependency to the project, therefore add the follow dependecies to the project.clj file.

5.) Create the Hello World Application
Add the follow lines of code in "src/helloworld_webapp/core.clj"

6.) Run the Web Application
To start the hello world web application invoke the follow command:

lein test

7.) Invoke the Application
Now you can use the simple web application in your favorite browser open the URL:


Source Code
The source code of this simple demo can be found on GitHub:


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