Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Convert a simple CSV File with Groovy, Java, Scala, awk, Ruby, Python, PHP or Bash?

Change Log:
  • 05.06.2011 1:30 pm - Initial created Post with  Groovy, Java, Scala, awk, Ruby, Python Implementation
  • 05.06.2011 4:00 pm - Add PHP implementation and update voting (now you can vote for PHP).
  • 06.06.2011 4:00 pm - Add Bash implementation and update voting (now you can also vote for Bash)

Which is the best programming language for converting a simple CSV into another format?

First I blogged three Java VM based solutions written in Groovy, Java and Scala to convert a simple CSV file into another format. Rainer sends me the Java based solution, yesterday Axel Knauf sends an awk based solution, Niko sends Ruby based solution, Hendrik sends a Python based solution, Sebastian sends me a PHP implementation and Julien sends a Bash version. Now there are a Groovy, Java, Scala, awk, Ruby, Python, PHP and Bash implementation.

Now here again a complete overview of the different implementations:

The Groovy Implementation:

The Java Implementation:

The Scala Implementation:

Here the shell command and awk script:

The pure Ruby Implementation:

The Python Implementation:

The pure PHP Implementation:

The Bash Implementation:

I'm curious whether there are other implementation proposals (Clojure, Perl, PHP, …), if you have one you could send me the script via Twitter or leave a comment here…

I am also curious which implementation Groovy, Java, Scala, awk or Ruby you like and why? I have create voting here:

Thanks Rainer, Axel Knauf, Niko Dittmann, Hendrik Heimbuerger S.Barthenheier and Julien Guitton for the Java, awk, Ruby Python, PHP and Bash implementation.


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  1. In PHP gibts noch eine elegantere Lösung. Man kann den den Befehl fgetcsv verwenden, um CSV auszulesen (siehe