Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

My First Eclipse ZEST Demo Application

Eclipse ZEST is a very cool Framework based on Eclipse GEF, for creating graph based software visualization tools for eclipse, with a few lines of code. The PDE Dependency Visualization Plugin for example is based on ZEST, see also my pervious post here.

Good ZEST starting points are the nice examples apps in the Eclipse ZEST CVS.

Here a screenshot of my first ZEST demo application.



  1. Und? Der Code?
    Die ZEST starting points?
    Oder ist Ostereiersuchen angesagt?

  2. ZEST starting points:
    There you see nice example apps which shows how ZEST can be used. More Examples see in the Eclipse ZEST CVS!

    Oder ist Ostereiersuchen angesagt?

    Here you get my example app:
    But its only a demo app!!!