Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

zxing - 2D barcode image processing library

zxing is library under Apache License for decode and encode 1d and 2d barcodes. I played with the online demo (not with the Library it self) “QR Code Generation” (this a application that encodes 2d barcodes) and with my mobile phone Nokia N95, which comes with an application to decode 2d barcodes with the mobile phone camera. It’s very cool decode barcodes with the mobile phone works very fast... Try it with the images bellow :-) and your mobile phones …

Here some screenshot what I have done, first I encode a 2d Barcode with QR Code Generation.

Then I can decode the barcode with my mobil phone.

And here the result of the decoded barcode


There is also another zxing demo application called Online Decoder, for decode a barcode when you have no mobile phone with a barcode decode application.

When I have time at weekend I will have a look at the Java library to get demos running local in my eclipse…
- zxing
- Online Decoder
- QR Code Generation

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  1. Hello Buddy..

    I want to develop my B.Tech. final year project based on zxing.
    Could please how to setup it with eclipse