Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Eclipse Key Scheme Version 0.0.1

The Version 0.0.1 Plugin can be downloaded here:

The Key scheme extends the default eclipse key scheme and adds the follow shortcuts:
  • STRG+SHIFT+P Show Perspective dialog
  • STRG+SHIFT+S G Generate Getter and Setter
  • STRG+SHIFT+S T Generate toString()
  • STRG+SHIFT+S D Generate Delegate methods
  • STRG+SHIFT+S C Generate Constructor using fields
  • STRG+SHIFT+S H Generate hashCode() and equals()
  • STRG+ALT+X+R Run...
  • STRG+ALT+X+D Debug...
Activate the key scheme in the eclipse preferences:


    See also my post call for shortcuts here:

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