Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Eclipse Key Scheme – Call for Shortcuts

In order to work efficiently in a development environment, I think you need an environment, which allows you to work exclusive with the keyboard. And you are rarely forced by the environment to switch back to mouse. Therefore in eclipse a cool set of keyboard shortcuts exists e.g. CTRL+1 for quick fix or refactoring rename CRTL+ALT+R. But some functions in eclipse have no default shortcut, for this function I defined always my own shortcuts. But often I forget to share these settings between my different eclipse installations and eclipse workspaces. Since I have some time I would now like to create my own key scheme plugin (see github).

To create a key scheme in eclipse, you must create a new eclipse plugin and use the extension point "org.eclipse.ui.bindings", see the sample plugin.xml below.

If you have any good ideas of missing eclipse shortcuts, feel free to write a comment with the idea thx...

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  1. When browsing and analyzing code, I use Alt-left/-right a lot to navigate back and forth (in combination with F3, Ctrl-Shift-G, Ctrl-T, etc.). Often, I want to switch to a particular open file then. While the visual style of the Ctrl-F6 window switching is pretty cool, I find it impossible to hit blindly. So I'm using Alt-up/-down for that, which flows really well in combination with Alt-left/-right.

    For my team sync perspective, I set up Ctrl-Alt-[cursor keys] for quick merging. Up/down navigate between differences, left merges the current difference into my local version.

    I love quickfixes, so I use Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 all the time. Ctrl-3 and the following are used to navigate to the views on my regular Java perspective, e.g. Ctrl-3 for the Problems view, Ctrl-4 for the Search view, Ctrl-5 for the Bookmarks view. That allows for quick jumps to places in the code without having to grab the mouse. (F12 being default key for jumping back to the code editor.)

    I'm using perspectives a lot (I have five Java-related ones alone) and I'm currently experimenting with using Alt-1 to Alt-8 to switch between perspectives. I'm not entirely happy with that, however.

    Hope there was some inspiration for you in there. What I still intend to do is question the default shortcuts more and remap them. There's gotta be something better for crucial dialogs like Ctrl-Shift-T, Ctrl-Shift-R and Ctrl-Shift-G, for example.