Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Apache Maven 3 and the Maven Site Plugin

Today I have a look on maven 3 features, when I start to build the maven site of my project it always failed. Because the configuration for the maven site was changed in the maven version 3.X. Here my first maven site configuration that worked for my project:

More about the maven site plugin configuration version for maven version 3.X here:


  1. Hi,

    I'm using a similar setup. I get PMD and other report plugins to work fine, but checkstyle results always show up as empty.

    When I check my modules I can see that the files for checkstyle are indeed created, but checkstyle-result.xml is always empty.

    Any idea?

  2. I found the solution to my problem. Some plugins uses to find where source code is located. Since my eclipse project uses src and not src/main these plugins fail.

    The solution for me was the following: