Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Sonatype Maven Shell and Parallel builds in Maven 3

Today I played around with the parallel build feature from Maven 3 and with the sonatype maven shell. The sonatype maven shell is based (required) on Maven 3. Here my first build performance results.

Maven 3 Maven 3 (mvn -T 10) Maven 3 (mvn -T 1.5C) Maven Shell
mvn clean compile ca. 5 sec ca. 3 sec ca. 4 sec ca. 2 sec
mvn clean package ca. 12 sec ca. 10 sec ca. 10 sec ca. 7 sec
mvn package ca. 7 sec ca. 6 sec ca. 6 sec ca. 3 sec
mvn clean site ca. 4 min ca. 4 min ca. 4 min crashed
mvn javadoc:javadoc ca. 56 sec ca. 29 sec ca. 29 sec ca. 27 sec

More about parallel builds in Maven 3 here:

More about the maven shell from sonatype here:

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