Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

Painting by Hand with Bamboo

I played around with BAMBOO, I tryed to draw a class diagram by hand. The idea to have a alternative to a Flip Chart in a meeting or workshop. But I think drawing on paper is much faster :-( ...

Here my first drawing with ArtRage (Demo Version) and Bamboo:

Do not Paint Work with Textual DSL instead

A better option can be to use a DSL instead of hand drawing stuff, e.g. in a brainstorming meeting. Here a example DSL for the picture bellow made with yUML:


[Seller Repository]->[Seller]
[Position Repository]->[Position]
[Sale Service]->[Sale]

[Basar Kasse Service]->[Seller Repository]
[Basar Kasse Service]->[Position Repository]
[Basar Kasse Service]->[Sale Service]

And here the diagramm made by yUML from the DSL:

But I will work on my drawing skills, with BAMBOO, so maybe it will be come a alternative for me to get things fast on a screen ...

- yUML -
- ArtRage -

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