Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Workshop – Building OSGi based applications - Darmstadt 15.04.2010

Jochen Hiller and I are organizing for the OSGi User Forum Germany a workshop with the title “Building OSGi based applications”.  The workshop location is Darmstadt and the date is 15.04.2010. You can now submit talks by sending a short abstract as email at workshop-germany@osgiusers.org, deadline for submit a talk is 01.03.2010.

More Information about the workshop see the workshop website: (German)

For the workshop we provide an OSGi sample application, which is provided on GitHub: http://github.com/tux2323/osgi-kasse-example/

The follow YouTube Video (German) shows how-to import and run the sample application in eclipse.

So we will be happy to see you at the workshop in Darmstadt...


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