Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

10 min - Domain Driven Design (lightning talk )

Here my slides from my lightning talk about Domain Driven Design. The slides I have not really needed in the lightning talk. Because my notebook crashed and I only could show slide number one. And because of that I only used the first slide. With the first slide I give a 10 minutes overview of domain driven design, keywords, patterns and core ideas. I think this basics ideas behind domain driven design every software developer should know.

I think the following patterns, keywords and ideas should be known by everyone how developed OO software:
  • Ubiquitous Language
  • Domain
  • Domain Layer
  • Entities
  • Value Object
  • Repository
  • Aggregate
  • Service
  • Factory (e.g. Dependency Injection, Spring, Google Guice...)
  • Assertion
  • ...
For those who could not be in my lighting talk, should have a look at the domain driven demo application. Everyone should have read the book by Eric Evans about Domain Driven Design. Okay the book is not update at all, but I think the most stuff in the book is still correct.

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