Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

OSGi Declarative Service Naming and Implementation Patterns

Here some simple OSGi declarative service (DS) naming and implementation patterns I prefer to use.

1. Naming Pattern - Component Name
A DS component name should end with Component e.g. RobotComponent.

public class RobotComponent implements Robot {}

2. Naming Pattern - Start and Stop Method
For methods, which should be called on, activate or deactivate a DS component the following names should be used:
  • start(…) and stop(…)
  • startup(…) and shutdown(…)
  • initialize(…) and deinitialize (…)
  • activate(…) and deactivate(…)

public class RobotComponent implements Robot {
      public void activate(){...}
      public void deactivate(){...}

3. Naming Pattern - Service Lifecycle Methods
For the service lifecycle method the following method name patterns should be uses:
  • bind${serviceName}(…) and unbind${serviceName}(…)
  • set${serviceName}(…) and unset${serviceName}(…)
  • add${serviceName}(…) and remove${serviceName}(…)
e.g. void bindRobot(Robot robot) and unbindRobot(Robot robot)

DS method name for bind more then one service instance 0..n or 1..n should become the name add* and remove*.

public class RobotComponent implements Robot {
      public void setEngine(Engine engine){...}
      public void unsetEngine(Engine engine){...}
      public void addSensor(Sensor sensor){...}
      public void removeSensor(Sensor sensor){...}

4. Implementation Pattern - Behavior Symmetry
When there is logic for start (activate) or set something there should always be logic for stopping or unset.

5. Implementation Pattern - Avoid Implicit Immediate Components
When a DS component not provide a Service then the component is immediate activate when all reference service are available. When the code is changed and the component know provide a service, then the component is activated when the first client component like to use the service. When a component should be activate immediate then I think avoid implicitly immediate components add always immediate=true.

6. Implementation Pattern - Use Annotations for DS Components
Use BND or Apache Felix SCR annotations to describe DS components.


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