Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Sonatype Maven Shell and Parallel builds in Maven 3

Today I played around with the parallel build feature from Maven 3 and with the sonatype maven shell. The sonatype maven shell is based (required) on Maven 3. Here my first build performance results.

Maven 3 Maven 3 (mvn -T 10) Maven 3 (mvn -T 1.5C) Maven Shell
mvn clean compile ca. 5 sec ca. 3 sec ca. 4 sec ca. 2 sec
mvn clean package ca. 12 sec ca. 10 sec ca. 10 sec ca. 7 sec
mvn package ca. 7 sec ca. 6 sec ca. 6 sec ca. 3 sec
mvn clean site ca. 4 min ca. 4 min ca. 4 min crashed
mvn javadoc:javadoc ca. 56 sec ca. 29 sec ca. 29 sec ca. 27 sec

More about parallel builds in Maven 3 here:

More about the maven shell from sonatype here:

Apache Maven 3 and the Maven Site Plugin

Today I have a look on maven 3 features, when I start to build the maven site of my project it always failed. Because the configuration for the maven site was changed in the maven version 3.X. Here my first maven site configuration that worked for my project:

More about the maven site plugin configuration version for maven version 3.X here: