Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Gource - SCM Visualization

Gource is a cool open source tool under GPL v3 for version control visualization. With Gource you can visualize the commit history of the project as an animated tree. Its cool to see how a project grows over the time and which people are involved in the project. Here a sample video of the SVN log of the OSGi sample project mars robot from the Summer OSGi Code Camp 2010.


Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Eclipse Key Scheme Version 0.0.1

The Version 0.0.1 Plugin can be downloaded here:

The Key scheme extends the default eclipse key scheme and adds the follow shortcuts:
  • STRG+SHIFT+P Show Perspective dialog
  • STRG+SHIFT+S G Generate Getter and Setter
  • STRG+SHIFT+S T Generate toString()
  • STRG+SHIFT+S D Generate Delegate methods
  • STRG+SHIFT+S C Generate Constructor using fields
  • STRG+SHIFT+S H Generate hashCode() and equals()
  • STRG+ALT+X+R Run...
  • STRG+ALT+X+D Debug...
Activate the key scheme in the eclipse preferences:


    See also my post call for shortcuts here:

    Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

    Eclipse Key Scheme – Call for Shortcuts

    In order to work efficiently in a development environment, I think you need an environment, which allows you to work exclusive with the keyboard. And you are rarely forced by the environment to switch back to mouse. Therefore in eclipse a cool set of keyboard shortcuts exists e.g. CTRL+1 for quick fix or refactoring rename CRTL+ALT+R. But some functions in eclipse have no default shortcut, for this function I defined always my own shortcuts. But often I forget to share these settings between my different eclipse installations and eclipse workspaces. Since I have some time I would now like to create my own key scheme plugin (see github).

    To create a key scheme in eclipse, you must create a new eclipse plugin and use the extension point "org.eclipse.ui.bindings", see the sample plugin.xml below.

    If you have any good ideas of missing eclipse shortcuts, feel free to write a comment with the idea thx...